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44,155 Site hits [Feb 2015]

Welcome to Midnight Lights!

MidnightLights was created at first as a HTML help site for members of Neopets.com. However, in 2006 the owner pretty much left Neopets to join this wonderful crazy website known as gaiaonline.com. After looking and looking for layouts for her own profile, and finding none she really liked, the maker decided it was time to begin coding again. Thus the MLG website was changed to host her layouts, as well as guides for other users to create their own profiles (should they not find exactly what you would like anywhere else).

After a few years the first staff member was hired on, the makers (Chii) own sister. A year later another staff member was added, and so on. Today MLG still hires on more staff to provide gaia members with even more unique layouts both premade and by request by way of its growing staff. This has been a breif boring history of how MLG came to be.

If you find something you do not like, let us know. If you find something you think we need, let us know. Please know that this website is not a extention of gaiaonline, therefore you should NEVER give out your password for your Gaia account and that our staff will NEVER ask you for it when you place a request.

April 2016 Update!!!

I am back! Seriously though, I am. I will work on profiles and do my best to take request in full force! However...I cannot keep this site going on my own. So, Looking to hire staff!!!!

Contact iChiiChobit @gaiaonline.com and inquire about applying for staff! Don't know how to code? I can train! I am looking for people to help take profile requests and add more content to the site. I will do some HUGE changes to the site soon, so watch out! And thanks for supporting me all these years! -Chii

February Update 2015


After a very long hiatus Chii is back, and I have given the website a vamp. Well, at least for starters a new layout. I am sorry for being gone so long, and for not giving anyone (not even my own staff) notice. Life has tossed me some crazy stuff over the last two years, and I wish I could say things have settled down, but they have yet to do so. However, I promise to take a few hours out of the weekend every other weekend to continue uploading new layouts here to the site, as well as answer any questions and hopefully take you lovely people's profile requests. Please keep in mind: I am not God. I do not have the ability, time, or motivation to be updating and making layouts to this website everyday. I cannot. Sorry. But I will be making at least two layouts a week, that's eight a month, and have them here on the website ready for you guys to use starting now. I may make more if I am in the mood and have time, but that is highly unlikely right now. So, if you want a layout made you should head over and put in a request at the forum now. If I see it and decide I will take it sweet, if not sorry. I cannot get to everyone's requests right now.

If you have any suggestions as far as the website looks let me know. I pretty much used the same template from last time's just gave it a new face (Hatsune Miku). I hope you will forgive my absence. I hope you will continue to use our layouts, as well as spread the word we are still here. New and vamped. Sorry....I just like saying that word for some reason.

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